The Blood of Life

Last Night

What? No, I'm not with him.

The last thing Gustav Van Hagen remembers, he was in his mansion on the East Coast. He hadn’t even considered traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

The last thing Daniel Boone remembers, he was heading out to go to the bookstore, hoping to avoid the crush of yet another Mardi Gras celebration.

I know what it sounds like, but this is not the introduction to a love story.

Van Hagen and Boone woke up together in an alleyway in a poor neighborhood of New Orleans, next to two dead bodies. And they woke up hungry.

Since that time, they’ve spent nearly 24 hours together. Gustav and Daniel are not friends.

But they are trapped together inside a stone mausoleum, outside of which someone has just been firing a gun. But let’s go back to the alley.

In between then and now, they’ve nearly been arrested, woken up a Mexican diplomatic aide in the middle of the night for, as it turns out, no good reason, talked a cop out of arresting them, killed said cop, and hidden his car (in fairness, Gustav did those last three all on his own).

They were then picked up, or more accurately in Daniel’s case, run down by an agent of Prince Vidal named Alexander. Alexander took them to meet the Prince, just as he would later take Christian and Bill.

Unfortunately, a black man with a Cajun accent and a small group of masked gunmen shot up the house with automatic weapons and kidnapped the two confused young Kindred. Nary a half hour passed before they were being pulled out of the trunk of a car and shoved roughly into what turned out to be a stone mausoleum.

These ominous words echoed as the door slammed and locked shut: “The Baron says hello!”

After escaping their zipcord ties, they had some thoughts of escape – but these thoughts were quickly dashed when Gustav discovered that Vampires are perhaps not quite as strong as they appear in the movies. Sadly, even undead fists can be stopped by a thick enough door.

So there they sat, and slept, and sit even now, pounding on the door and hoping for rescue. And Daniel, who still hasn’t eaten, can’t help but start to wonder – undead blood is still blood, right?


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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