The Blood of Life

Partners in Being Screwed

I don't like any of these people, but at least they're not trying to kill me.

Our chronicle continues as Bill and Christian help Daniel and Gustav to escape the creepy crypt – by literally ripping the door to shreds.

Prior to owning the crypt door, our first two…er…“heroes” opened the blood-stained casket and discovered – rather confusingly – bags full of miscellaneous womens clothing and a chopped up dead girl who Bill recognized as a girl named Tina he had met on the night they were turned.

They snapped some photos, texted them to Alexander, and left him a voicemail explaining what they found. Then, with nowhere else to stash him, they trapped the sole surviving street thug inside the partially closed stone casket.

The undead investigators then worked together to tear down the crypt door.

I’m afraid I’m getting a bit hazy on the details at this point, but here are some highlights, more or less in chronological order:

Daniel Boone gets a strange, somewhat awkward phone call from a mysterious woman named Mary, who tells him that she is sorry, and that she hopes he will not be punished for her sins. So far as I can tell, the coterie is only initially curious about this woman, and then proceeds to forget about her entirely. Go plot, go!

Alexander pulls up just in time to help the coterie escape the graveyard before the police arrive – apparently someone actually called in those gunshots! Memorably, the coterie further desecrates an already violated civil war grave, for some obscure reason deciding that they need to take the bags of clothes, the unconscious gang member, and the bones of the original occupant.

Alexander decides, in the interest of keeping Prince Vidal from punishing him for his lax oversight, to help the coterie by disposing of the evidence. He also gives them a brief rundown of crime and punishment in the city, and advises them to lay low and stay out of trouble.

Back at Boone’s apartment, the group begins interrogating the unfortunate Mikey Schulz, soon-to-be former gangbanger. In an act of unexpected Wrath, Christian realizes that this is the kid who shot him, and puts a bullet through the prisoner’s knee. The others hurry to reassure the neighbors that there was a small accident, and that they will turn the television down. They roll surprisingly well.

Gustav and Bill, apparently without care or concern, head to Gustav’s hotel, leaving the bleeding prisoner in the care a starving vampire and and angry vampire. Needless to say, Boone drains the kid.

Gustav makes arrangements for an unscrupulous private body guard service to pick up an injured man from Boone’s place and drop the man off at a hospital with $1000. Upon discovering the corpse, the body guard will undoubtedly pocket the $1000, not that Gustav will notice or care.

Bill spends hours in the hotel bar, trying to satisfy his Vice without success. When he finally gets lucky, Gustav kicks him and his new “girlfriend” out of the room. Bill then follows the lucky lady back to her room, where he discovers her sleeping husband. Somehow, he makes do.

Gustav makes phone calls and greases palms to gather info on the names they’ve gathered so far, while Christian gets online and starts googling.

They discover the existence of Matheson House, linked to a John Matheson from the Civil War era. Apparently it was a plantation museum for a while, but has recently been closed for renovations.

Our session ends with Gustav Rospiere Van Hagen being voted MVP thanks to his judicious use of ridiculous wealth, and Christian Barrow being voted Best Roleplayer, possibly on the merits of kneecapping a prisoner with a firearm in a tiny, thin-walled apartment building.

Tune in next time for more undead shenanigans!


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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