• Bill Gustafson

    Bill Gustafson

    Also known as Han D. Solo, Bill makes his living as an adult entertainer and has starred in a number of well-received skin flicks.
  • Christian Barrow

    Christian Barrow

    Christian's ruthless business acumen and reputation as a cutthroat negotiator is tempered only by his penchant for making large charitable donations.
  • Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone

    An ex-military loner, and an angry shadow of his former self. Boone's greatest strength is his faith, but he also has a dark side.
  • Gustav Rospiere Van Hagen

    Gustav Rospiere Van Hagen

    Gustav is an old money aristocrat, and a bit of a sociopath. The world has always been his oyster, and he doesn't take kindly to anyone who says otherwise.
  • Alexander


    Although he is no zealot, Alexander is a loyal servant of Prince Vidal, and will not tolerate disloyalty.
  • Father John Marrow

    Father John Marrow

    Father John acts as spiritual advisor to Antoine Savoy (the so called Lord of the French Quarter), and he keeps himself informed of all nocturnal goings-on in the city.
  • John Henry Matheson

    John Henry Matheson

    A Civil War-era plantation owner, now long dead. He looks good for his age.
  • Maldonato


    Seneschal to Prince Vidal, Maldonato wields considerable influence. He handles many of the night-to-night affairs of managing the city's Kindred and is also highly regarded in the Lancea Sanctum.
  • Mary


    Daniel Boone's mysterious lady caller.
  • Prince Vidal

    Prince Vidal

    Vampire Prince of New Orleans, Vidal is also the most prominent local figure in the Lancea Sanctum. He rules by the power of faith as much as he does by fear.